Saturday, October 31, 2009

the truth... or is it?

Hey bloggers,

Beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, blue skies from where I am. Hope it's going well for you.

Below is a list of answers I received after asking this question, "What is the truth?". Take the time to read through and think about what the truth means to you. It probably means all this and alot more in so many different worlds. Maybe this will help you discover just what the truth is in your world.

- How you perceive something.
- What is right.
- Means to care about your friends.
- Hurts alot.
- Is out there.
- I don't know anymore.
- The cure.
- Different things to different people.
- The right thing.
- Not a lie.
- The truth
- What is right.
- Honest.
- Truth is in the heart, and it can set you free!
- Something thats happened in the past.
- What is proper.
- All that is not false.
- Easily blurred and becomes whatever you can justify to yourself.
- Belief
- "You can't handle the truth!"
- Something that will set you free.
- What is real.
- Doesn't lie.
- It's so hard to know what is truth in a world with so many shades of grey.

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