Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ready... But Waiting.

Hello bloggers.

What I'm about to say follows on from yesterday, it's all about being ready to move, but still waiting for the right time.

Over my life on earth I have spent many days in cafes drinking coffee and observing the people around me in their daily comings and goings. One thing I always see is people waiting for something to happen. One morning I was drinking my latte and sitting next to me was a odd looking fellow who was in fact a tourist visiting Ballarat. I know this because he was reading over the local guide of things to do and see and also had the Ballarat map close by. After observing for sometime I finally decided it was time to interact, but just as I was about to speak the waitress came over and noticing what he was doing she said, "what are you waiting for?", he then replied with a tone that insisted I'm not going to justify what I am doing here by saying, "I'm just looking for the right place to visit first". The waitress gathered the feeling she wasn't wanted for advice, so she quickly got back to her job. The man finished his coffee, paid and left the building never to be seen again.

All this makes me think about how often we want to do things in life, but spend our days trying to find the best way to do it. Maybe we just need to stop planning and start exploring. Why don't we let world show us what we should be doing?

Today's words of the now read like this,

"You can't find the world on a page." - JAJ

Think about it. We were made to enjoy our lives and I plan on doing just that. There is a time for planning, but there is also a time when the planning has to be acted upon. Don't let the map direct you to nowhere.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day. Let me know what you get up to!


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