Sunday, November 1, 2009

Car Trip.

Green field. Brown dirt.
Happy face. Messy shirt.
Whatever happened to our perfect picture of life?
What happened to the perect picture of us?

I miss the danger. Where's the stranger?
Please take me down the dark alley.
I wanna feel the barbed wire fence.

Talk calmly.
Stay forever and one more moment.
Play me two more songs.
And give me the chance to listen.
I need five more times to be wrong.
I'll mess even that up.
Drive past at a million miles.
And don't forget to stay for awhile.
Love me quickly. Leave me slowly.

This can't be the end, the end of it all.
I've forgotten who I am.
I don't even see who you are.
Where have we been taken?
I think they left us behind.
So many people in a crowded room,
and I just pray you're coming very soon.
I'll be waiting where you found me.
That's where I'll be waiting... -JAJ

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