Thursday, August 5, 2010

on the left of the right side

"i caught a glimpse of the trees as she ran away,

her direction opposite to me.

the ground beneath my feet sparkled like diamonds,
i almost didn't believe it.

they were in front and didn't wait for him,
he was taking in the view,

it was a moment they would never fully understand.

i miss your face,

so i close my eyes and catch your sweet scent,
your beauty invades my inner most thoughts.

i never liked the way Winter made the trees feel,
the cold wind on their broken down bodies.

voices destroy my vision and it kills my control,

now i wait for you...

to come sing my heart back to loveliness,

and i know it's soon."

-J.A. Jones

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the dish and the spoon

The coffee’s on, the fire is warm,
are you coming out of the storm?
I need to know what’s on your mind,
can you tell me? Please don’t hide.

The clock has moved and I’m still waiting.
Are you alright dear? You look like you’re fading.
Maybe I should speak and let me say,
I’ll be honest, it’s better that way.

I’ve got a feeling that something’s wrong,
I haven’t seen you, it’s been too long.
You need to tell me what’s in your heart,
I know it’s hard dear, so please just start.

The fire is ashes, the coffee’s cold,
I think I’m done here, and my stories told.
Thanks love for listening and being you,
please think it over, cause i will be too.

Outside looks crazy and sounds intense,
just like my heart, it makes no sense.
We’ll I’ll say goodbye now and talk to you soon,
until next time, I’m the dish and your the spoon.

-J.A. Jones

sometimes it just happens and you can't stop it

”...And all of a sudden,

it came out of nowhere.

The black clouds swallowed
the bright yellow sun.. whole.
The water fell from the vast cover of sky
and soaked my soul in honesty.

Oh, how I needed this feeling of a new beginning.
Oh, how much I needed to start again.

I ran for what seemed like
endless cirlces of the second hand.
Creating moments of life, love
and every little thing that hung inbetween.

Oh, how I longed to be washed away,
never to be found in the same place…

And all of a sudden,

it came out of nowhere.”

-J.A. Jones

watching the world pass my window

Emptiness, such a close friend of mine.
Rainy days and Mondays seem to be all I find.
And hello love, will you be around today?
I wonder do you have something beautiful to say?

[Cause all I ever needed was you.
Just one moment to believe it could true.
So come in close, but don’t stay too long.
Just give me enough time to hear
the goodnight song.]

-J.A. Jones

s.d.p.p - day 7

day 7 photo project (last day)
...this has been important to my creativity, it's given me a simple challenge and opened my eyes even more to how many different ways you can look at the same thing.

thanks for sharing in the 7 day photo project with me.

maybe this has inspired you to take a look from another point of view.


Monday, August 2, 2010

s.d.p.p - day 6

day 6 - (2nd last day of the photo project)
shooting the bottles outside today in the sunshine and loving the colours.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

s.d.p.p - day 5

(late entry today, i've been in Melbourne)
photo project day 5 - outside and it's raining, not extremely creative, but keeping committed to the everyday photo for 7 days. loving the bright whites from the flash.