Friday, April 30, 2010

long time, no see

I made black coffee to fill the need,
but something changed, I washed it down the sink.

I made black coffee to keep me strong,
but my doctor told me that's not good enough.

How do I move forward when the sun is not shining?
Why call yourself honest when we both know your lying?
Words on paper don't mean much these days.
Guard yourself in these unknown ways.

The mirrow looks good when I don't look in it.
Addiction seems handled when we're heavily medicated.

Stop writing and let's go have some coffee.
-J.A. Jones

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

you inspire my creativity

"Trees are tall, the sky is blue.
These lines caught me off guard thinking about you.

Buses run in circles, the pavement is cold.
I'm trying to be better, your smile makes me bold.

This coffee is strong, there's a swing in the park.
I feel like we're running like kids in the dark.

All these things are exactly as they seem.
I'm writing this poem and you're sleeping sweet dreams."

- J.A. Jones

(inspired by and written for my sweet honey-bee!)