Monday, November 2, 2009

the reaction of an action

a poem i wrote inspired by a moment in the hallway...

"she makes her place in the hallway,
basking in the light that comes flooding,
from the hot yellow circle up in the sky,
this is the moment she wants to be.

flash memory corners her peaceful mind,
beginning of aroma that will hold control,
can i just surpass this crazy excited feeling?
i need to know what it could be untouched.

she's praying for sleep as her eyes start to close,
i don't understand why we still fight for identity,
the mirror reflects image and tracks her dreaming,
hold one moment, i don't remember that day.

once a silent frame that never remembered why,
began the mystery that could unlock the tear she cry,
ice moves slowly down the wall of forgotten beauty,
say goodbye to everything for the last time
rock me in your grip as we fade into this
loving memory."

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