Thursday, August 5, 2010

on the left of the right side

"i caught a glimpse of the trees as she ran away,

her direction opposite to me.

the ground beneath my feet sparkled like diamonds,
i almost didn't believe it.

they were in front and didn't wait for him,
he was taking in the view,

it was a moment they would never fully understand.

i miss your face,

so i close my eyes and catch your sweet scent,
your beauty invades my inner most thoughts.

i never liked the way Winter made the trees feel,
the cold wind on their broken down bodies.

voices destroy my vision and it kills my control,

now i wait for you...

to come sing my heart back to loveliness,

and i know it's soon."

-J.A. Jones


  1. Hey buzz,
    do some more to lift all our hearts

  2. the line '
    i never like the way Winter made the trees feel.
    haven't thought of it that way before, new imagery for me to contemplate on,
    thanks Buzz