Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the dish and the spoon

The coffee’s on, the fire is warm,
are you coming out of the storm?
I need to know what’s on your mind,
can you tell me? Please don’t hide.

The clock has moved and I’m still waiting.
Are you alright dear? You look like you’re fading.
Maybe I should speak and let me say,
I’ll be honest, it’s better that way.

I’ve got a feeling that something’s wrong,
I haven’t seen you, it’s been too long.
You need to tell me what’s in your heart,
I know it’s hard dear, so please just start.

The fire is ashes, the coffee’s cold,
I think I’m done here, and my stories told.
Thanks love for listening and being you,
please think it over, cause i will be too.

Outside looks crazy and sounds intense,
just like my heart, it makes no sense.
We’ll I’ll say goodbye now and talk to you soon,
until next time, I’m the dish and your the spoon.

-J.A. Jones

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