Tuesday, July 27, 2010


orange paint on the walls,

but wait, any moment now it could drive away.

coffee cups empty, others are still full,

some cups are halfway finished,

maybe some people too?

this moment are working progress,

i only wish you were here to see it.

nearly time to leave this chair,

it's almost over for another addiction.

breakfast was perfect, the food not too bad.

i sense they are leaving, those who sit close to the door.

company to the left, right and center,

but still it won't break through.

people talk loudly, making sounds to smother one another.

wait, something changing, vibrations seem close,

money goes back to it's place and she waits to be moved.

the door hasn't opened for as long as i can remember,

but now that i think, i think i forgot my memory.

crossing the street to find her position,

i just wish i found something of worth.

both eyes locked to the papers,

excuse me, "why won't this phone work?"

if we try to fail, we try to win,

at least there was contact, ring ring ring.

clearing the tables seems the right thing to do,

i just hope he doesn't see me, i hope she doesn't fall.

I'm running out of space,

but we both know that's not true.

just a trick i keep believing in,

too busy trying to impress you.

kids on the couch, playing games to kill time.

mum plus one plus one in the conversation line.

he just blocked my perspective and i don't think he cares,

alright, that's it for NOW, I'm off to find what's over there.......

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